How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

If you are looking for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes, this article is prepared for you. The internet these days is full of sites that claim “Free Xbox Live Points Generators” and Xbox Gold Live codes but how to find the legit sites?

First of all the Free Microsoft Points generators are certainly fake and you should at all cost avoid these claims. First if such a program is present, no one would give it for free. Second this type of programs would be blocked by Microsoft once released and will never be able to access the internet anymore. Actually most of these programs are viruses that install harmful programs and steal your valuable data.

You will find two groups of websites. The first group I like to call it the free “Microsoft Points” and this group of sites is a scam type that built to scam users and make money while users are waiting for claimed free giveaways. The second group called “Reward Sites” they are few and legit group of sites that help users to get Free Xbox Live Points with little effort. The second group called “Reward Type” because they help users to earn different rewards with little efforts doing fun tasks like playing games and watching videos.

I have a list of the trusted and personally tried “Reward Sites” which designed to present a point system through which you can earn points by completing Offers or watching videos and playing games. Once you complete the certain points, you can redeem for a Reward like Microsoft Live Points or Codes and easily receive them directly in your email.

You need to remember that nothing is completely free in this life and be careful with any site that gives anything for free.

The Top Websites Offering Xbox Live Gold Codes:

The following websites offer a Very simple steps: Choose a reward, then Collect points, and finally Redeem your gift:
Points2RewardsCollect Points and Redeem for RewardsVisit Here
YsenseCollect Points and Redeem for RewardsVisit Here

Click here to get the updated list of the trusted “Reward sites” and read the full guide, enjoy reading.

Free Microsoft Points

The most recent offer to Xbox Live Rewards individuals will get them free Xbox Live codes only to play Halo 4’s multiplayer. On the off chance that you play more than 140 hours of multiplayer, you’ll be given 600 Xbox Points. More than 70 hours will procure you 300 MS Points, and more than 35 hours will get you 100 Microsoft Points.

How to get free Microsoft points

Spending more than 3000 Microsoft Points on Halo content in the Marketplace will get you 200 focuses back, and burning through 1500 focuses will get you 100 focuses back. You’ll additionally be given back 800 Microsoft Points in the event that you spend more than 3000 focuses and play more than 35 hours of multiplayer consolidated.

This offer is great until November 30, and you need to agree to the Reward administration to make the most of it. I won’t spend focuses on the Marketplace, however I’m for the multiplayer side of this. That is to say, will play innumerable hours of the multiplayer as it seems to be, so it’s cool that will receive free cash in return.